In our agenda in delving into the Big Data and Analytics, space, C4DLab is introducing a Data Analytics course beginning January 2015, in collaboration with Data Science Ltd.

Introducing Data Analytics Course

Theme: Competing on Data Analytics

  • In a world full of data, intelligence and insights can no longer be left to gut feeling.
  • A lot of businesses generate tons and tons of data every day from different data points but they rarely use this data for any business intelligence or customer insights.
  • If leveraged, this data can be very valuable as it would allow businesses to understand their consumers and products. But they don’t.

The Competing with Data Analytics course will allow businesses to get ahead with analytics. Using data for decision making and resource allocation. This course will help the learners understand how to effectively collect and store data using cloud infrastructure and to also analyze and visualize this data in none technical or abstract ways.

This course will make no assumptions of technical expertise and it is for that reason that we will teach it using DataLogic, an online data analysis tool that allows for data collection, storage, analysis and visualization.

Interested in the inaugural course? We wish to hear from you.
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