REQUEST™ is a platform that addresses the challenge in music monitoring in Africa due to flaws in the current royalty management systems. Request provides a platform whereby artists and collective management organisations (organisations that collect royalties on behalf of artists) are able to easily monitor the royalty collection points (radio, TV and public places) from the comfort of their smart devices thereby getting real time data that helps CMOs determine the amount they should disburse to artists while enabling the individual artist to transparently monitor their songs performance.


M-kulima is a company that utilizes the IoT of things to increase efficiency of farming. It uses mobile technology to give the farmer centralized control on the go.


Learnmine is an online platform that wants to make it as easy as possible for learners to connect with tutors who have the knowledge that the learners require. We believe that a good tutor is determined by their ability to teach, and to teach well, which is why we aim to give interested people a chance to have a go at tutoring. Ultimately, we aim to make a significant transformation in the functioning of our education system.


CipherTech Ltd is a company that provides a home security system for the middle income earners. We understand the pain resulting from robbery. We care about the shattered dreams. We especially feel a parent’s concern over their family when they are not home. Our security system is inspired by the passion for a better Kenya.

Silcon Savanah:

Silcon Savannah is a company that provides anti-fraud security system for the insurance companies and individuals


Proolabs is a company that is leveraging on the power of analytics to provide fraud investigation insight. Proolabs has built and implemented advanced analytics solutions that provide valuable insights to businesses

Elimu advisor

Elimu Advisor is a web platform that helps and guides the KCSE graduates on career choices. It helps them do searches of the best suited courses for them to do as per their grades.


M-ASCA is an indiscriminate mobile phone based accumulating savings and credit association that aims at bringing community members together in order to improve their livelihoods. Registered as a SACCO and a project of Mama Promotions Women Group (, the association targets every adult Kenyan irrespective of their background (youths, women, small scale business people, the unemployed, private institutions etc) who may not hold any collateral but are interested in saving in order to access capital for investment, business startups, old age savings or any other viable need.


Vospine is a social networking platform that brings together people with similar interests so that together they can share their knowledge and experiences to help improve the lives and livelihoods of each other. Vospine, believe that social media should not just be a place for having fun but also a place for learning.