1.Farm Drive
Farmdrive have pioneered an innovative way to use data that is generated in smallholder farmers’ value chains for financial inclusion. By harnessing the power of data analytics and mobile technology, they aggregate and analyse pertinent information about smallholder farmers from dynamic traditional and alternate data points – including produce offtakers, agro-dealers and the farmers themselves. They build innovative comprehensive credit profiles used for real-time credit assessment to then serve smallholder farmers through digital financial services.

2. Vospine
VoSpine is a social networking platform that brings together people with similar interests so that together they can share their knowledge and experiences to help improve the lives and livelihoods of each other. VoSpine, believe that social media should not just be a place for having fun but also a place for learning.

3. Silicon Savannah
Silicon Savannah have developed an intelligent traffic device. The device will be used to help the traffic officers to manage and significantly reduce the number of car accidents which are related to speeding and driver overworking. IT will warn, caution and bill the driver if there are black spots, children crossing, animal crossing, zebra crossing and gives the driver the limit of speed he/she should drive at that particular area/zone.

4. Learnmine
Learmine is a platform that enables users to virtually share knowledge with other users by promoting and powering real time learning and collaborative environment. Learnmine aims to bring as much of the real world classroom into today’s rapidly growing virtual space.