Throughpass is a professional soccer network. It is an integrated system, which aims to give aspiring footballers an avenue to showcase their talent by creating a profile and personalizing it. Coaches and agents are able to gain access to this power database of player profiles for easy finding, profiling, analyzing and recruiting in real time fashion. Fans can appraise talent as well.

Website: / Twitter: @throughpassAfri


throughpass-colloCollins Mesongo – Head of Product Development | Software Architect
A Forward-thinking Software Architect specializing in Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Programming with a special interest in developing systems in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data science.

Twitter: @mesongo


Mutethia Mbaabu – Head of Business Development | UX Designer
Upcoming graphic and web designer & a front-end developer with experience building CMS driven websites, HTML5, CSS3 and various web scripting technologies, web standards, and project management. He is young and ambitious.

Twitter: @teshmbaabu