FunKe Science is a hands-on science platform meant to promote the love and practice for science both locally and regionally. It involves an interactive website that presents funky experiments for kids.
Tracey Shiundu, Project Coordinator

  • PGD Project Management
  • Coordination of the presentation of experiments, video shooting and performance in schools

Dennis Njagi: Web Developer

  • MSc Geology student
  • Website Developer in charge of creating the site to allow interactivity

Peter Wachira : Content Creator

  • MSc Geology student
  • Content Creator, Develops funky experiments for kids

Grace Mwende: Host

  • BSc Geology student
  • Performs the video experiments she is also in charge of making the website look good.

Naima Awo Shariff : Videographer

  • BSc Geology student
  • Records and edits awesome experiment videos for the site.

Karen Masila – Researcher

  • BSc Geology student
  • In charge of getting experiments and content on the site