1. Throughpass Africa

A soccer networking platform that empowers aspiring professional footballers to connect with coaches, agents/scouts and fans. Read more.

2. Techxus Systems
Techxus Systems have developed GeoAddress, an alternative addressing system for both personal and enterprise users who are tired of the ineffective existing mechanisms. More information on www.techxus.co.ke

Chura aims to ease the difficulties users experience in accessing services across different mobile service providers. It provides an integrated, user friendly, easy to use package for mobile subscribers to enjoy and share with loved ones. This product is now fully deployed and can be accessed on www.chura.co.ke

4. RocKeSci
Science platform that gets kids interested in science at a very young age and helps them understand key science concepts that are in their syllabus via funky experiments and tutorials that are more suited to the east African market. Read more.

5. Creatix Systems
Creatix Systems offers enterprise solutions on the cloud. Main products are Integrated Human Resource Management and Customer Relationship Management Systems delivered through SaaS. Read more.

6. FarmDrive
FarmDrive seeks to connect smallholder farmers to investors who want to engage in farming but don’t just have the time or the land to do so. Read more.

7. Ideal Animations
We are an internationally acclaimed animation studio based in Nairobi, Kenya. We aim to bring new and ingenious approach to the growing advertising and film industry not only in Kenya but also in Africa. Read more.

8. Jibonde Fresh

JibondeFresh is a fresh foods virtual hub that seeks to document informal food kiosks. Their Mission is to promote quality food and their vision is a well-nourished republic, healthy republic and sound republic.

9. Telvic Parking Solutions
Provides a system that gives motorists a chance to query it in order to be answered on the location of the parking lots, the availability of the spaces and the guarantee that there are actually spaces in real time, through various avenues, such as mobile applications and SMS service.

10. Tevat
Tevat is a company whose aim is to tap and aid high-growth producing Entrepreneurs to raise capital for their innovative ideas more easily and conveniently. Through our portal we will provide a platform that brings together the entrepreneur looking for ways to raise capital and the investor seeking alternative investment opportunities. Read more.

11.Intelligent Traffic

Intelligent traffic have developed an intelligent traffic device. The device will be used to help the traffic officers to manage and significantly reduce the number of car accidents which are related to speeding and driver overworking. IT will warn, caution and bill the driver if there are black spots, children crossing, animal crossing, zebra crossing and gives the driver the limit of speed he/she should drive at that particular area/zone.