C4DLab has been granted the license to offer the oracle workforce program. As an active member of the Oracle’s Workforce Development Program (WDP) ,C4DLab will prepare students for Oracle certification testing. This in turn is expected to make the graduates ready to face challenges of the highly dynamic business.

The objective of the program is to increase student employability and enhance professional skills. The program will help the student in achieving a command over Oracle database domain. The motive of the program is to generate employable and quality IT professionals.

This is a discounted program targeting college students, unemployed youth and self-sponsored individuals.

One can think of Oracle database as nothing more than a large electronic filing cabinet, a place to store and retrieve information. It is a computer program that manages an electronic filing cabinet. Organizations nowadays turn to it to organize, manage or analyze important data. Moreover its products and services are found in the global industry, which makes Oracle database knowledge and skills highly valuable in today’s information technology and systems workplace.

This Training will enable students to attain the following skills:-

  • Understand SQL features which will help you query and manipulate data within the database, use the dictionary views to retrieve metadata and create reports about their schema objects.
  • Manage Oracle Database Storage structures
  • Monitor the Database
  • Manage Database Performance
  • Install Oracle Database 12c software


The applicants for Oracle Certified Associate should either be students pursuing a Diploma/ Degree in an IT related course or be a graduate with a Diploma/ Degree in an IT related course.

Topics to be Covered

Oracle Certified Associate
Module Time Frame Cost per Person
Oracle Database 12c Introduction To Sql 40 Hours Kshs. 25,000
Oracle Database 12c Administration Workshop 40 Hours Kshs. 25,000
Oracle Database 12c Installation And Upgrade Workshop 20 Hours Kshs. 17,000
Oracle Certified Professional
Module Time Frame Cost per Person
Oracle Database 12c Backup And Recovery 40 Hours Kshs. 25,000
Oracle Database 12c Multitenant Architecture 20 Hours Kshs. 17,000

The training will be offered as follows at the C4DLab facility in the College of Biological and Physical Sciences-Chiromo.

Mode of Study

Part time: 3 hours in the evening for 5 days a week translating to 2.5 Months per Module

Full time: 6 hours a day from 9.00am – 4.00pm for 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), translating to 2.5 months per Module.

Contact Details

Phone No: 0705047432


Classes Ongoing