In a bid to establish more useful contacts and spark crucial conversations around tech innovation, C4DLab has given all tea and coffee lovers the rare and envied opportunity to subscribe and enjoy some of our quite affordable hot tasty drinks at the comfort of the Lounge, situated at our grand balcony.

We are open weekdays, all day!

    • Coffee

    • Black Coffee

      Black Coffee


      Deeply satisfying, aromatic coffee. It’s black to allow you to savour it fully. We blend mainly Arabicas with Robustas to give intensity and then dark roast them to achieve the deep, full-bodied strength we’re aiming for. The intense taste has rich, toasted notes that are beautifully balanced with a rounded smoothness.

    • Cappucino



      They´re frothy. They´re fabulous and now come in low-fat alternatives too. When you want an indulgent treat - coffee shop creaminess.

    • White Coffee

      White Coffee


      White Coffee, a well balanced cup of creamy, authentic and aromatic coffee with a rich layer of foam.

    • Mochaccino



      Enjoy this delicious blend of coffee, chocolate, creamer, and tempting foam. Indulge all your senses with the sensation.

    • Chocolate

    • Hot Chocolate

      Hot Chocolate


      A devilishly smooth drink with the full flavour of specially selected cocoa beans, and rounded off with a delicate layer of frothy milk. If you’re passionate about chocolate, this is the ultimate indulgence.

    • Tea

    • Cardamom Tea

      Cardamom Tea


      A homogenised mix of Everyday Dairy Whitener, high grade refined sugar, instant tea and natural cardamom flavour.