Financial sector like many other sectors have been going through disruptions that have created new economic and cultural challenges and also provided some new opportunities. Banking professionals find themselves looking for ways to address the changes and take advantages of opportunities and they are turning to innovation to find answers. The problem is that banking sector for generations has not necessarily embraced innovation and now they find themselves grumbling with how to truly innovate, what to innovate, who to innovate with and how to get returns for innovation as quickly as possible.

In this 2-day interactive innovation workshop, the following topics will be covered in depth:

  • Innovation theory and fundamentals
  • Innovation competencies – methods and tools
  • Innovation metrics and return on innovation
  • Technology, data and Customer experience management
  • Essential steps to get digital right – How analog brands can create digital cultures
  • Establishing Innovation centers
  • Reducing innovation risks
  • Behaviors that fuel execution of innovation initiatives
  •  Innovation training- Processes vs. people equation
  • Job-benchmarking for innovation leaders

Who should attend this workshop?

  • Financial sector executives
  • Financial branch managers
  • Customer service team leads

What to expect ?

After completing their registration:

  • The attendees will be sent a questionnaire that must be completed 21 days before the beginning of the session
  • The attendees will receive a link to take an online assessment that must be completed 14 days before the beginning of the session.
  • At the first day of the training, the students will receive a package of materials to be covered during the workshop.

Group size of attendees

  • 20-25


  • Price per attendee: KES100, 000

Which covers :

  • Workshop materials
  • Tuition fees.
  • Certificate from University of Nairobi C4Dlab
  • Meals and accommodation during the workshop

PS: Each attendee is expected to pay for their own transportation.In case of any inquiries on the program, contact the organisers through

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