C4DLab_Portraits Prof. Timothy Mwololo,
Professor of the University of Nairobi.


Appointed by the Vice-Chancellor on recommendation by School of Computing Board.

Email: waema@uonbi.ac.ke

C4DLab_Portraits Dr. Tonny Omwansa,
Senior Lecturer, University of Nairobi.


Centre Director, who serves as the Board’s Secretary. In acting capacity until formal appointment of the Director.

Email: tomwansa@c4dlab.ac.ke

C4DLab_Portraits Dr. Agnes N Wausi,
Senior Lecture, University of Nairobi.

Director School of Computing & Informatics.

Email: wausi@uonbi.ac.ke

C4DLab_Portraits Prof. Okello Odongo,
Professor of University of Nairobi.

Email: wokelo@uonbi.ac.ke

C4DLab_Portraits Prof. Bitange Ndemo,
Associate Professor of University of Nairobi.

Email: bndemo@bitangendemo.me

C4DLab_Portraits Dr. Richard Ayah,
Lecturer, University of Nairobi.

Managing Director of the University Science Park Co. Ltd

Email: ayah@uonbi.ac.ke

C4DLab_Portraits Ms. Devika Daga,
Business Development Manager, Google.

C4DLab_Portraits Mr. Kamal Budhabhatti,
CEO at Craft Silicon LTD.

C4DLab_Portraits Mr. Christopher Fabian,
Senior Advisor on Innovation to the Executive Director and Co-Lead, Innovation Unit. UNICEF – Global Office.

C4DLab_Portraits Ms. Edith Adera,
Senior Programme Specialist at International Development Research Centre Development Partner (IDRC).

C4DLab_Portraits Eng. John Tanui,
CEO at Konza Technopolis Development Authority.