29 Sep

Several startups have again been lined up for exit after their incubation period expires in early November.

According to the Lab‘s incubation management official, the graduation of the nine tech businesses will pave way for the announcement of another round of admission of new promising ideas.

The startups expected to graduate from AfTIA programme include M-KULIMA, a company that utilizes the Internet of Things to increase efficiency of farming, as well as Learnmine, an online platform that seeks to make it as easy as possible for learners to connect with tutors who have the knowledge that the learners require,” notes a page on the startups in part.

The other three looking to be exited include: CipherTech, a company that provides a home security system for the middle income earners; Silicon Savanah, another business that provides anti-fraud security system for the insurance companies and individuals; Proolabs,a company that is leveraging on the power of analytics to provide fraud investigation insight.

Also on the list is Elimu Advisor, a web platform that helps and guides the KCSE graduates on career choices, as well as M-ASCA, an indiscriminate mobile phone based accumulating savings and credit association that aims at bringing community members together in order to improve their livelihoods, will be graduate from AfTIA,” continues the page.

Lastly, Vospine, a social networking platform that brings together people with similar interests to share their knowledge and experiences together with REQUEST, a platform that addresses the challenge of monitoring music, will also honorably exit.”