08 Sep

Participants of a Design Thinking workshop held on August 1 this year at the University of Nairobi appreciate the solutions of the new approach to solving real-life problems.

How can an entrepreneur innovate continuously and disruptively? A local innovation practitioner shares his sobering perspective on the thorny issue.

First, the innovating entrepreneur has to think like a startup,” says one Silas Macharia, a senior product design executive at IBM East Africa.

By this I mean the entrepreneur has to view themselves as young and small and therefore in need of special care all the time despite the significant progress made,” he explains.

But, he notes, there is need for the business mind to tolerate fresh perspectives even as he or she remains conservative on what is fundamental to success of the business.

On this, if you have to do a new thing with the business, you have to time the shift right,” cautions Mr Macharia.

Otherwise your assumptions about success might be wholly misplaced,” he observes.

At the same time, he says, the entrepreneur set for ultimate success has to factor in necessary partnerships as these will, among other things, properly enrich the product design and offering process.

Yet the product design process is properly hacked by fully incorporating the Design Thinking approach- that is, designing in terms of the end-user,” says the specialist.

And there is no place for remaining down in case of a failure of the imagination.

On this, simply fail fast and move on,” he recommends. Otherwise your pride will keep you perpetually down.”