08 Jun

 ICT Authority Project Manager Evans Kahuthu (center) takes participants through a demonstration during a previous cybersecurity training session organised at the University of Nairobi Chiromo Campus.


The role of Government in curbing online crime has once again been brought into sharp focus as C4DLab flags off its fifth edition of the three-year-old cyberscurity training programme.

Yet given the increasing complexity of the attacks perpetrated almost daily against gullible citizens by online criminals, it appears the State will always be behind schedule even as it plans to take to Parliament another Bill seeking stiffer penalties against the culprits.

Together with the Critical Infrastructure Protection Bill 2015, the Cybercrime Bill 2016 are seen as a more effective remedy for online crime which is denting the economy of the country seen from either millions of shillings lost or spent to recover or rebuild systems and lost data,” says ICT Authority project manager Evans Kahuthu.

It is with this in mind that the startup incubation and acceleration center (C4DLab) is running a three-day online security training targeting both ICT specialists and interested persons to keep up to date with the latest online crime prevention techniques together with effective information management skills.

The complete pack of the course ranges from the very definition of online security itself, famous case studies to the most complex ones including vulnerability identification which is mostly practical,” adds Mr Kahuthu who is one of the trainers.

Emphasizing the role of such trainings, the ICT expert noted that most online criminals succeed in their endeavours because most Kenyans lack the basics of information management which puts them at high risk of loosing critical information and even tonnes of money in case of an attack.

Most do not even know that sharing passwords or failing to shred a document they intend to throw into a dustbin of a house or an organisation can be the beginning of real problems if a person with ill motives gets access to them,” he said.

At the same time, Mr Kahuthu hopes that the State speeds up the process of turning the two pending online security Bills into law if the country is to be on top of the game in the war against cybercrime, “even if momentarily”.

Because the threat landscape is evolving by the day, which calls for extra vigilance among all Kenyans. After all, in personal safety, the mantra remains prevention is better than the cure”.