02 Mar

C4DLab and UNICEF plan to enter into a long term partnership  to promote innovations for youth and children.

Speaking during the meeting held on On 17th of February 2016 at the University of Nairobi,  Prof. Henry Muturo, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic affairs) noted that the university plays a vital role in empowering the youths and will do everything possible to make sure that the youth are engaged. He pledged support to ensure that the partnership between C4DLab and UNICEF yields benefits.

Dr. Omwansa elaborated on the basics of the MOU saying that it will be about building a data lab for the children, giving the youth a voice, and building capacity to produce consumer centered products.

He also noted that the collaboration with UNICEF had already started with the launch of the Nairobi Design thinking School.

The UNICEF country representative, Dr. Pirkko Heinonen, noted that their is a huge talent in the youths that need to be developed and Kenya is already known as an innovation hub.

“Kenya is often known as a crown jewel of innovation in the East and South Africa. In a country over 6 out of 10 people are children and the need to innovate has never been greater. We need to Understand that out of total 20 million children in Kenya, almost 80 percent are subjected to at least one level of deprivation like access to water, malnutrition, lack of education and health or access to services.”

She added that UNICEF global priority is innovations for young people and that young people are the ones to lead innovation.

She also emphasized the need to harness the ideas and the need to identify the needs of the youth to counter the problems the youth pass through.

Meanwhile, also in attendance was Prof. Okello-Odongo, Director School of Computing and Informatics; Dr. Richard Ayah, director of University Science park and Fab Lab; Prof. Timothy Waema, Chair of the board of advisors of Computing for Development Lab; Minu Limbu, Information Management Specialist (Innovation Lead) at UNICEF; Mr. Daniel Baheta, Chief of Education UNICEF; Mr. Paul Mpuga, chief of planning monitoring and Evaluation UNICEF; Mr. Ousmane Nieng, Chief of Social Policy UNICEF and Mr. Eric Gitau, HIV and Adolescent Specialist at UNICEF.