22 Dec

We are happy to announce the release of the Measurement Lab (M-Lab) Launch Report. The recent launch of Measurement Lab (M-Lab) provides consumers, regulators, and content providers with the details about their network’s performance. The M-Lab tool aims to check broadband connections by briefly communicating with a server elsewhere on the internet to reveal possible interference and traffic management by service providers.

Alongside this report, we are also pleased to announce a short-term collaborative research effort using M-Lab which aims to increase network transparency by allowing researchers to share data relating to network performance.

The research will examine network measurement data from various ISPs across the country to provide valuable information on the SOH (State Of Health) of their Internet services. A report will be updated regularly, allowing future monitoring and comparison against past performance. This research will be conducted over the course of months by a team of collaborative of researchers from within C4DLab and externally.

Download the M-Lab Report