03 Nov

C4DLab in collaboration with KENET (Kenya Education Network) and Google Kenya on 26 of October 2015 launched  a diagnostic tool called Measurement Lab (M-Lab).

The tool which is hosted by  KENET  is designed to provide Kenyan internet users and regulators with reliable information regarding the quality of their broadband services.

Speaking at the launch of M-Lab node at the University of Nairobi, the CEO of KENET, Prof. Meoli Kashorda, disclosed that KENET began hosting the M-Lab Node in 2013 in recognition of the critical role of independent service quality measurements, towards achieving policy and regulatory needs of the society.

Prof. Kashorda mentioned that the hosting of the Measurement Lab Network in Kenya and the launching of the service, were made possible with the support of Google Kenya, an M-Lab consortium partner, and C4DLab – University of Nairobi, adding that the M-Lab Node is a diagnostic tool, which employs a combination of variables to analyze broadband performance of Internet Service Providers.

Prof. Kashorda spoke on plans to build the necessary capacity and sensitize key stakeholders on M-Labs, which has been set rolling by the one-day training and media launch on Measurement Lab in the county.

He opined that provision has been made to fund some research in some tertiary institutions in the country in the areas of broadband.

Prof. Kashorda also pointed out that all the results of tests run on the M-Lab platform are accessible to all the stakeholders and anyone could analyze their network performance.  “The results are open and any tests done on the M-Labs servers are kept there permanently for anyone to access”, he added.

Leading the training was the Google Access, Program Manager, Mr. Collins Ndukwe who emphasized on the need for neutrality and transparency on broadband performance by service providers.

He called for support from all the stakeholders in the sector in raising awareness and utilization of the tool. Adding that the tool has been widely adopted by Governments worldwide and the tool can help address any gap and improve on success points.

Also speaking at the event was Dr. Kate Getao from MOICT who reiterated on the need of making the facility available to all the stakeholders of the internet ecosystem so that they can understand their connections.

We’re happy to announce that, working with M-Lab, individual users will be able to understand the performance of one’s own broadband connection using  M-Lab’s Internet Measurement Tools