01 Sep

Mr. Saul Singer, Israeli innovation guru has urged the business start-ups and innovators to consider working in teams to ensure success. Mr. Singer was speaking at the Nairobi Innovation Week which ran from August 5-7, 2015.

From his extensive experience travelling around the work and working with innovators from United States of America to Israel, to China to Brazil, his conclusion is that working in teams helps innovators realize the­ir dreams faster as compared to working individually.

Virtually all the big companies of the world were not created individually. From Microsoft to Apple to Google, they all had more than one founders. Mr. Singer urged the innovators to consider working with innovators from other countries. Citing the example of Israel which works closely with USA, Mr. Singer noted that working with USA has helped Israel to rank highly in the global map of innovation.

Innovators were as well urged to speak freely of their failures. Professors and mentors were also urged to be soft on the failed business start-ups. “Out of 99 starts, one will succeed”, he observed. Critics of ideas must not be allowed to thrive as some of the worst ideas often turn out to be the best ideas.