01 Sep

During the Nairobi Innovation Week 2015, organized by the University of Nairobi, Mr. Langdon Morris urged innovators to move with speed as they take their products to the market. The business community was challenged to innovate and prosper or perish. He was speaking at the Innovation Workshop in Serena Hotel.

Mr. Langdon Morris has led Innovation Labs LLC since 2001. His work focuses on applying advanced methods to solve complex problems. He has authored books one of them being 4th Generation Research and Development.

Speaking during the workshop, Mr. Morris challenged those present to focus on the future and how the world will be in 20 or 40 years time. He noted that technology is changing how we do things. Technology has made changes in the health, agricultural and energy sectors and our cultural systems are not left behind either.

He urged the business community to be very innovative; otherwise the competition will push them out of business. Only the most innovative companies will survive.
With the coming of Amazon, many bookstores have closed shop. So is the case with the coming of iTunes, many music shops closed as well. Other businesses that have closed down include Automobile, the American car manufacturer, Blockbuster, the American movie rental company among others. Other tech companies that survive on innovation include Google, Baidu, Apple, Samsung among others.

“Climate revolution, will badly affect our lives”, noted Mr. Morris. The Sahara desert is spreading and this will greatly affect agriculture, while lakes have disappeared in the USA. Mr. Morris further noted that the energy revolution taking place around the world will be solved better by the use of solar and water power.

Innovation give rise to new products, new ideas getting implemented, new solutions, new services, new business modules and value for customers.