09 Jun

C4DLab’s start-up incubation and acceleration programme, just recently (re)named AFTIA is both forward-looking and radical.

The Africa Technology and Innovation Accelerator(AFTIA) programme is a brainchild of the Lab’s Incubation Strategy crafted and institutionalized early this year after studies undertaken on incubation and acceleration best practices as well as key stakeholder engagement forums recommended a much better model than the existing one.

As a result, in order for AFTIA to incubate and accelerate start-ups exceptionally, it will be driven by an entrepreneurial approach to product development that focuses mainly on disruptive innovations.

The most essential activities of the AFTIA programme will be Pre-incubation, Early stage acceleration, and Growth stage acceleration duly supported by innovation ecosystem partners and faculty.

Expected to benefit immensely are incubatees from within and outside the university comprising students, alumni, researchers as well as citizens overall.

Prior to admission for incubation, the prospective candidates will have to submit their prototypes for vetting.

Meanwhile, according to plan, the first ever round of an early-stage acceleration call is due in July 10 this year, lasting a maximum period of six months after which also the first growth-stage acceleration call will be made around January 2 next year; just a few days ahead of the another call for an early-stage acceleration programme is made—around January 10 next year.

Moses Omusolo is the Social Media Manager, C4DLab.