23 Jun

Mr. Saul Singer, the best-selling author on innovation is among key facilitators of the Nairobi Innovation Week conference.

The Nairobi Innovation Week, slated to take place between August 5 and 7, for three consecutive days, is due to be graced by three important personalities who will lead crucial discussions around technology and innovation at the function.

Dr. Fred Matingi’, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of ICT; Langdon Morris, co-founder and Senior Partner at InnovationLabs and leading consultant on innovation; and Saul Singer, prolific American-Israeli Journalist and co-author of the best-selling Start-up Nation, are the confirmed conference facilitators.

Other attending high-flying authorities on technology and innovation will include Prof. Gituro Wainaina, Ag. Director General, Delivery Secretariat for Kenya Vision 2030; Dr. Wilson Asonga, Principal Secretary, Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development; Dr. Manu Chandaria, a leading Kenyan industrialist and businessman, as well as one Dr. Ellie Osir, Senior Program Specialist for the Information and Networks program at the International Development Research Center (IDRC).

The objectives of the Innovation Week, in a snapshot, are to form a platform for exhibiting and recognizing innovation by researchers, tech-preneurs, and industry; to offer an avenue for presentation of innovation papers, illustrations, and case studies, which are in the form of proceedings, and journals; lastly, to champion discussions on innovation.

The target participants include University of Nairobi innovators (students, startups and staff), other universities, industry (private sector,Government, NGOs), entrepreneurs, investors and venture capitalists, as well as business-tech incubation hubs.

Hence August 3-4, will set the stage for the Innovation Week proper with two pre-event workshops: “Lean Methodology” and “Innovation Management” seminars, before August 5-7 which will be driven by keynote presentations, exhibitions, case studies, and policy discussions—all to culminate in special awards on the last day.

Ultimately, the Nairobi Innovation Week will have achieved, among other key milestones, special engagement with policy makers on the growth and support of innovation ecosystem in Kenya, proper showcase of spectacular innovations and inventions, creation of useful linkages, successful launch of important journals, and increase of innovator, university and partner visibility.

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Moses Omusolo is the Social Media Manager, C4DLab.