08 May

Creativity is supposed to pay—in fact not just pay for the sake of paying—but do so handsomely; and for long. However, in most cases, it happens that the dues don’t come in. This can easily be traced to the controversial crimes of piracy and plagiarism.

And though there have since been entities and laws that protect the interests of the creatives, most such do the job with rather exploitative strings attached—with exploitative interests at heart.

But MYDEWS is quite different: it is a platform developed with the creative’s maximum interests at heart, not the owners’.

Once registered, the creative stands to start earning from any consumer in any part of the world, anytime, any day.

Developed by Elton Maiyo and his partner Kigen Tembu, MYDEWS,  properly  put, is a system that places the creative individual at the best possible position to enjoy the fruits of their intellectual labors, possibly without much labor on the part of the creative who only needs to sign up, create excellently and just wait to earn as much as the consumer is willing to give.

Hence to appreciate the creative, the giver, once on mydews.com, can search for the creative of choice, and then accomplish a simple and efficient money transfer process currently via Paypal and M-Pesa.

Besides, the giver has a leeway to donate to an initially unregistered creative: they just have to register the creative themselves and start giving, as much as they can or want.

Meanwhile, MYDEWS is a brand new startup currently incubated at C4DLab and founded by one Elton Maiyo and his team who also co-own an excellent digital place-and-person location system going by the name Geoaddress.







Moses Omusolo is the Social Media Manager, C4DLab