13 May

In many spheres of life, it can safely be bet, the prevention-is-better-than-cure maxim is strictly clichéd—outdated even, and meaningless. Apparently, it is not the case with cybersecurity.

Together with its counterpart “to be forewarned is to be forearmed”, those two philosophies of life seem to be making a lot of sense, especially now that almost everyone globally is virtually connected, and they, more often than not, experience more of cyber-attacks, but few to none of the physical ones.

And so to prevent these attacks—mostly perpetrated by hackers (online criminals who circumvent or bypass the security mechanisms of an information system or network)—one has to be adept at security information gathering and incident handling to achieve, if not total, it should be an almost infallible information security breach defense .

Meaning that the almost uncompromisable ability to protect online information from unauthorized access, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction, has to be mastered. From experts though.

Hence I’ll take you through snapshots of various useful sites on information security:

At Paterva, their Maltego program can aid superbly in the information gathering phase of all security related work, and much more.

To protect your files and system drives from unauthorized access, you can now install the new BitLocker software, formally TrueCrypt.

What of the MX TOOLBOX? It features MX Lookup for discovering domain name attributes such as host name and IP address; in the Blacklists section, it is possible to know which security sites have blacklisted one’s domain name or IP address; essentially, the MX Toolbox offers much valuable information on a user’s domain health.

When we come to the Spamhaus Project, one is able to get reliable real-time anti-spam protection, all reinforced by legal action.

The Nmap Project, on the other hand, offers some quite effective, web, network and port security tools, accomplished through various types of scans.

Online Ping do provide, among other services, port check, domain service lookup, network calculator, bandwidth meter, among others.

Dedicated to mobile devices security is Cellebrite. The Tor Project is known to offer effective protection against online invasion of privacy.

Lastly, to keep track of ‘hacktivists’ and the sites they have hacked, for the purpose of incident handling, one can recourse to Exploit Database, and ZONE-H.









Moses Omusolo is the Social Media Manager, C4DLab.