04 May

Samuel Njuguna, one of Chura’s founders actively participates in one of the forums previously held to promote start-ups.

Chura, the disruptive online airtime vending platform, is arguably C4DLab’s most high-flying start-up.

Since its admission to the lab for incubation some time in late 2013, Chura has so far been achieving feats that border on the extra-ordinary, which only serve to make its reputation to be growing in leaps and bounds, daily.

To highlight but just a few, Chura has had to face-off with many other very promising start-ups on both local and international scenes for the most coveted prizes; for example in Pivot East, Demo Africa, and much more recently in Silicon Valley, only to emerge the winners and among the best of their own kind.

All this success is attributed to the team’s team spirit and work ethic.

And currently, Chura has another reason to smile, since the fruits of their labor could be forthcoming once more: after dully submitting their novel innovation—that is an ‘airtime for cash, buy airtime, switch airtime, and buy data’ platform—the team has managed to beat 8 other competitors to emerge among the best four finalists selected for the top prize in innovation.

Indeed the UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering is staking the first ever annual ‘Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation’ amounting to 25,000 pounds for the overall winner to be announced on June 1.

Before they got there, Chura was striving to keep down these other eight nominees with whom together they have been receiving six months of training and mentorship:

  • A smart burglar-bar system for emergency exits from buildings (by Captain Abubakar Imam from Nigeria).
  • A mobile device application that teaches children how to read Shona (by Ian Mutamiri and team from Zimbabwe)
  • An affordable multi-purpose degreaser/cleaner (by Justin Nwaogwugwu from Nigeria.
  • A full-cycle sanitation service to reduce pollution to the environment and prevent diarrheal disease (by Samuel Malinga and team from Uganda).
  • Portable crushing machines for small and medium size mining operations (by Rujeko Masike and team from Zimbabwe).
  • A mobile application for merchants and customers to make and receive card payments through their phones and tablets (by Ayodele Adigun and team from Nigeria)
  • The mechanical pressing of bananas to produce enzyme-free clear banana juice (by Dr Oscar Kibazohi and team from Tanzania).
  • An industrial process and quality control system for the fluids manufacturing industry (by Dr Reinhardt Kotzé and team from South Africa).

Meanwhile, Chura must trounce three major contestants from Tanzania, South Africa, and Zambia to clinch the grand prize plus at least 10,000 pounds.

Courtesy: Royal Academy of Engineering website.






About the writer

Moses Omusolo is the Social Media Manager,C4DLab.