29 Apr

From left is Dr. Chris Chepken, UoN ICT trainer and lecturer, and Mr. Evans Kahuthu, ICT Authority’s Project Manager.

For the last three days since Monday, C4DLab in collaboration with ICT Authority have been conducting a comprehensive cybersecurity training, with delegates from various parts of the country in attendance.

The course, now marking the third time since its launch in 2014, has been equipping learners with a wealth of information on how to be highly secure online. And over time, the attendance has been impressive.

Meanwhile, the trainees were awarded certificates as they were being challenged to put into practice the nuggets acquired for the betterment of the country, given that the national cybersecurity landscape is constantly under threat.

Facilitated by Dr. Tonny Omwansa, Dr. Chris Chepken—both seasoned UoN ICT lecturers and trainers—and Mr Evans Kahuthu the ICT Authority’s Project Manager, the sessions were opportunities for learning as many aspects of cybersecurity as possible, most of them essential in combating high profile cybercrimes .

The topics eliciting important discussions during all the sessions included information security, network security, incident handling, intrusion detection, malware, hacking, risk assessment, attack prevention, preventing data loss, as well as the National Cybersecurity Strategy.

On the last day today, the class covered in detail incident handling procedures, which the instrutors emphasized as making the real difference between huge loss of key resources within organizations and their recovery, which are usuallly occasioned by either a poor or an efficient incident response plan.

All along, the trainees were imbibing essential and practical knowledge on cybersecurity, only accomplished effectively by a working cybersecurity strategy.







About the Writer

Moses Omusolo is the Social Media Manager, C4DLab.