20 Mar

The Deputy Vice Chancellor Research Production and Extension Prof. Lucy Irungu is among top University of Nairobi administrators behind C4DLab’s progressive initiatives.

The Incubation Strategy formulation meeting held in Naivasha, from March 5 to 7 this year, set off a series of groundbreaking activities for C4DLab.

The need to act with necessary speed and skill appears to have been motivated by the potential of the Strategy document to take the innovation hub and University of Nairobi to the next glorious level.

To illustrate part of what moved the stakeholders to action, the following parts of the Vice Chancellor Research Production and Extension(RPE) Prof. Lucy Irungu’s speech deserve highlighting:

“Ladies and gentlemen, we all understand the crucial need for the creation of skilled human capital and the need for the utilization of our research capacity to move away from an economy that mainly relies on factors of production or natural resources, towards a knowledge-based economy, with a focus on skills and technology.”

“As such, I am particularly proud of the C4D Lab Team for initiating business and technology incubation at the University and now for developing this appropriate incubation strategy”.
“It is my hope that this strategy which is anchored on the recently developed UoN Incubation Policy will provide a solid road map to growing entrepreneurship and sustainable businesses in the information technology sector.”

“I also believe that Incubation is one of the ways in which the UoN will have significant impact on and remain relevant to the society, by playing its rightful role in catalysing national economic growth. As such, I believe that supporting the implementation of the Incubation Policy and this Incubation Strategy even if by allocating a modest amount of seed money from the proposed UoN Innovation Fund to support the start-ups would be well worth the investment.”

As a result of the motivation, C4DLab has been considered for an undisclosed sum of innovation funds by the Research Production and Extension arm of the University of Nairobi.

Later in September, a fund-raising to go towards supporting special programs for the lab is underway.

By April in the year, the enterprise technology hub should have received university support to the tune of 100 million for commencing the C4D Center.

Also, in the process of charting the way forward, the Chancellor accepted the C4DLab Ambassador role.

The unanimous decision to leverage on Government initiatives and industry linkages for C4D’s advantage are other outcomes of the three-day forum.







About the writer

Moses Omusolo is the Social Media Manager, C4DLab.