24 Mar

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About four months ago, C4DLab secured funds to make four University of Nairobi courses accessible online under the Open Education Resource (OER) Commons license.

Termed “OERization”, the UNESCO-funded project was part of C4DLab’s effort to make technology serve the common good of society by making education resources available to all online—and for free.

The initiative was championed by Dr. Tonny Omwansa and his team of researchers, who wrote a proposal much early last year to have university courses accessible for study online.

After about two months of work on the idea, four UoN courses were OERized and successfully uploaded to the OER Commons platform. They are: “Innovation Studies”, “Data Mining”, “Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship”, and “Introduction to Database Systems”.

Should the courses be in high demand, UoN will soon be compelled to transform the entire curriculum into easily and freely accessible format.






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Moses Omusolo is the Social Media Manager, C4DLab.



  • polarise

    I’m not sure I follow. The above post states that these are University of Nairobi courses but perusing through them reveals that the courses are almost entirely based on material from MIT’s OCW repository. Please correct me if I’m wrong but that seems like academic dishonesty to me. (There’s another technical term that I’ll not use here.)