23 Feb

In the not-so-distant future, how you use your Social Media space could make all the difference: it could be your own strength, or your own undoing. It could mean -in fact- the real difference between “tarmacking” and being in a company, employed.

That sounds a bit far-fetched, right? Maybe. But just here in Kenya, a team of young tech-preneurs to-be is joining tech geeks elsewhere in the world in looking for an avenue to make employment based on your Social Media engagement data, a working reality.

Comprising Bernard Momanyi, founder of Briglobe and Business Development student at UoN School of Economics; Bernard Njoroge, back end developer and API engineer at Moi University School of Computing; Dismas Idaya, front end developer at UoN School of Computing, and Perminus Gaita, Sales and Marketing student at Dayster University, the group seeks to leverage on the gap between corporate organizations and potential human resource, acting as the most crucial link. At the same time, organizations are having quite a hard time using the data on Social Media platforms–if need be– to identify their potential human resource. This is where Briglobe.com also comes in.


Bernard Momanyi, founder of Briglobe talking to the audience gathered at C4DLab for the Friday 20 pitching session, ‘Frideation’

As a result, Briglobe will be using an individual’s social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) engagement data with an organization to create a ranked list of potential human resource for the same organization. The Briglobe system initiates the process-once one registers at briglobe.com- by creating either one of the two categories of users: virtual partners of the company followed or liked by the user on Social Media or a list of virtual employees of the same company liked or followed. Participating at the Briglobe system as either a virtual company of choice partner or employee entails following the activities of the real company, while offering suggestions on better problem solving and effective management. By and by, the user may be noticed by the company they like, which could mean a real job or internship interview- eventually.

Compared to Egomnia.com, users at Briglobe should get virtual careers and create virtual companies. Besides, Briglobe will beat Jobvite.com in terms of presenting social media data to the user, in a “simple- to-understand manner”. Lastly, Kenya’s Briglobe will score on offering life-time virtual achievements to users, which includes users building real working relationships with real-world corporates.

Briglobe.com is set to make money through directed ads as well as job placement premiums.

Hence if the dream of the team comes true, in the sense that the Briglobe system is adopted by companies intending to leverage on the Social Media engagement data for hiring and employment, as the founders put it, “expect your academic CV to add very little to your employability status”. Many such tips were being shared on February 20, during a pitching event at C4DLab.



About the writer

Moses Omusolo is the Social Media Manager, C4DLab.