12 Feb

  • By Moses Omusolo
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Yesterday evening—at around 4—a section of software developers were learning the ropes on installation and use of Angani cloud computing servers at C4DLab.

Riyaz Bachani, the Angani Limited Chief Operating Officer and his counterpart were facilitating the one-and-a half hour exposure, with majority of the prospective cloud platform users embracing the software.

The users at the lab found the Angani cloud services platform worthwhile to use because the company offers a friendly self-service environment for quickly building and deploying applications. Angani also scores on hourly pricing, where the subscriber only pays for what they use-after a whole one hour.

The scale-on-demand service and experienced server management are other reasons to go for the Angani cloud services platform, whose dedicated servers cater to various needs such as storage, computing as well as networking.







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Moses Omusolo is the Social Media Manager, C4DLab.