07 Sep

On August 7  2014, we published a special story on the University of Nairobi‘s Deputy Vice Chancellor Research, Production and Extension(RPE) detailing her commitment to support creativity and innovation at the university.

Among other things, Prof. Lucy Irungu had shared about RPE  having set aside KSh 25 million to go towards innovation and creativity. To boot, the establishment of the creativity award scheme is part of the Research, Production and Extension’s vision for unmatched distinction in innovation. Being the potential beneficiaries, we re-mention this as a sign of deep appreciation to RPE.

Yet about a month before, that is  July 3 this year, we had published a story in recognition of  the UoN Chancellor Dr. Vijoo Rattansi for paying  an official visit to our innovation lab. And in the course of that very month, Dr. Rattansi would lead a team of  IBM experts to our hub to  experience our distinct and productive innovations as well as inventions. Consequently, we take this as big time support as well.


Second from right is Dr. Vijoo Rattansi in the company of IBM personnel and C4DLab Coordinator during her second visit to C4DLab  on July 2 2014.

Further, we cannot turn a blind eye to the following story: In the Standard of Friday August 29 2014, a certain writer opens her praiseworthy article about the UoN Chancellor thus:

“Did you know that the University of Nairobi is not just a knowledge hub, but is also a practical home that provides the facilities and technology required to drive several industries in the country?

Well, one only needs to visit C4DLab … to see the real ‘Silicon Valley’ where computer software adopted by several companies in the country is generated….”

From the above, it is not obvious that we are now known far and wide by default; much of it is because of our Chancellor MS Vijoo Rattansi, who the article in consideration has cited as having another package of goodies for us. That can be gleaned from various parts of that Friday’s 29 article.

However, what interests us most  is this part where the writer states: ” She [Dr. Vijoo Rattansi] has revealed that an Endowment Fund that will enable the university to be self-reliant in addition to boosting research and innovation is in the offing.”

Then the honorable and visionary Chancellor confirms, ” We want this institution [University of Nairobi] to run a massive Endowment Fund that will enable us run our programs and activities without being cash-strapped…. I dream of a time when this institution will be so sustainable to even lend to the government”.

Nevertheless, having noted all that, we take another opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to the Chancellor and the entire university administration for having the C4DLab prosperity vision at heart.


About the writer

Moses Omusolo is the Social Media Manager, C4DLab.




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    This is great progress! Keep up C4DLab and all its stackholders!