06 Aug

On the Friday of August 1 2014, in the presence of keen tech enthusiasts and knowledge lovers,  Intelligent Traffic was making a pitching debut at #Frideation .

Currently being one of the forward-looking  startups incubated at C4DLab, Intelligent Traffic started out of the dire  need to help motorists adhere to traffic rules and save their souls, so to speak, from unpredictable traffic mishaps and road fatalities.

A member listens with keen interest at Intelligent Traffic pitching

And whatever the devices, their functions essentially do not depart from the need to tame motor accidents, plan efficiently  for the transport sector, manage motor vehicles and motorists, track performance of vehicles and motorists,  or track and trace vehicles.

Also, ensuring easily reportable accidents, enhancing search and rescue efforts, aiding criminal investigations,  boosting security as well as automating traffic law enforcement  is part of the noble vision of Intelligent Traffic.


Intelligent Traffic at the GrillSpot.

In that regard, their devices can  indeed be ‘intelligent’  when it comes to recording  crucial vehicle details such as speed, weight, fuel, location and much more.

Should a motorist be engaged in an accident, the victim’s situation is directly updated to the relevant support people such as the police, doctors or family members.

It further means that it will be incredibly difficult for a car-jack or kidnap to succeed once the potential victim has installed Intelligent Traffic’s devices. Yet this is just a tip of the iceberg of the possibilities. Otherwise, there is no real reason anyone will hesitate to buy into the startup’s idea.

But since the proof of the pudding has always been in the eating, the forum’s active participants had to contribute to the shaping of Intelligent Traffic’s offer- it was recognized to contain few but serious misconceptions upon which the members felt, if they were not eliminated, the project would never take wing.


Members at the closure of the event would gather around Intelligent Traffic to get more light .


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Moses Omusolo is the Social Media Manager,C4DLab.

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