05 Aug

One of the founding members of Tevat, an online investment and crowd-funding platform.

On the Friday of 25th July 2014, the Frideation enthusiasts would later that day go home with a rare secret that, if they applied henceforth, would change their inancial histories forever, but  for better.

On that day, the  visionary team behind Tevat, among other things, unveiled a novel way for anyone keen on investing in worthwhile projects but had scarce capital to fall back on, on account of only the best vetted and approved deals from reputable property developers across the country.


All ears were on the incredible Tevat team.

And so Tevat’s  investor package is dully as follows:  once registered at Tevat, the prospecting investor can

  1. Explore the fundraising projects, each of them providing  relevant information to ensure an investor has sufficient information to make an informed choice.
  2. Then invest in the project of choice. And once an investment is made, it will automatically be updated in the investor’s portfolio and they can keep track of the investment.
  3. Once the intended investment target is achieved, Tevat is obligated to finalize all the relevant documentation to complete the subscription.
  4. In the final analysis, all returns on investment accruing to the investor will be channeled to them, accordingly.


Tevat at the #GrillSpot.

Or, should you be yearning to be an accomplished property developer but your main challenge is capital, all the prospective individual has to do once at Tevat is register, start a pitch of the mega deal, following the enabling guidelines. The person will then be vetted accordingly. Afterwards, the  pitch details will be publicized for prospective investors, who would become partners in the venture.

With Tevat’s  legal framework, investors and property developers should henceforth expect their interests to be properly safeguarded and the proceeds well administered.

Surely, their means to ensure financial integrity such as vetting through licenses and portfolios, legal measures, secure accounts are rarely the aspects to overlook.

In essence, in addition to the above advantages, this is what Tevat would offer a potential property developer or investor:

  • Access to invest alongside property developers of reputable stature and get the same terms as the big investors.
  • No investment fees or a carried interest.
  • Opportunity to invest safely and securely in mega projects that have been vetted and approved by professionals.
  • Possibility of rather great returns.

And lastly, if possible, a chance to own an enviable piece of Kenya!

All in all, the real deal at Tevat is exploring worthwhile projects, investing and expecting guaranteed growth—exponential success.

But long with the life-changing message, one far-sighted tech mind also had to introduce his Swyip—an online ordering and payment directory—which he promised to pitch sooner rather than later.


 When all was said and done, it was time to connect and catch up.

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Moses Omusolo is the Social Media Manager, C4DLab.