23 Jul

Part of the team doing wonders at Techxus Systems.


Techxus Systems, the dedicated team behind ‘Geoaddress’, was on Friday the 18th  launching their multi-platform application at the weekend’s pitching and ideation forum, #Frideation.

The event this time round attracted a good number of first year students, who thereafter vowed to keep diligent track of future such forums and even promised  to lead ‘crowds’ to the meetings. Their conviction was deeply reinforced after the first time attendees discovered that the meetings were not tailored to so-called techies but to anyone with an interest in learning something new and valuable.

Touted as “an alternative addressing system for both personal and enterprise users”, Geoaddress is structured around users’ “geolocation” for an accurate and flexible addressing scheme.

Incidentally, clicking geoaddress.io leads one to a substantially red page with the logo ‘beta geoaddress’. After registering as either an ‘individual’ or ‘organization’, one can create addresses of all places they would like to be found from : for instance home, office and so on. In the process of creating a location address, one attaches the location to the ‘geo-handle’, which is essentially the first and/or last  name one registers with. The user can also share their geoaddress to their trusted friends or clients for effective communication.



Here, members listen with interest as Techxus Systems were presenting the now live ‘Geoaddress’.

But by just looking at the simple design of Geoaddress, one may erroneously conclude that its use is limited. However, the mobile-web app was crafted to help certain organizations meet various other pressing user needs such as parcel delivery, which is supported by GeoCourier , health and other emergencies would be addressed by GeoSave, while (in)security issues would be effectively tackled with GeoSec, among others.

Though the app is not yet accessible via the Opera browser, Geoddress is secure and private, accurate, useful as well as flexible. It was developed against the background of a myriad of challenges, which the launching team strictly labeled as ‘obsolete’.

Why, such systems as numbering were found wanting in the sense that they are not systematized; they are very random. Physical addressing is bulky, entailing active memorization and recall, which many people are short of. The postal address, other than being complex, it is quite expensive to use for postage. Moreover, calling and messages or use of other rival location-movement apps still do not serve well the user’s interests.

After this read, do not, so to speak, be found among the group lacking gravely in sense of direction, and not even time as Zig Ziglar famously put it.

Meanwhile, another innovative team took the stand to disclose their pitch-able idea of designing an online shopping application, upon which the active participants gave their suggestions, which further shaped the idea to applicable levels.


Members were eager to preserve the pleasant memory of being at #Frideation.


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