15 Jul

Pitching was Victor Wekesa, co-founder Telvic Paking Solutions.

In the arena of business or economy, those who coined the ‘early to bed, early to rise’ catch phrase  must have been simply telling everyone else to develop that most important routine of punctuality, at least in our modern fast paced world.Other sectors have their mantras as well.

Now, in the field of technology and innovation, Telvic Parking Solutions are telling all motorists: ‘early to book, early to park’, digitally!  Surely, we know what this means, we even know that too many a motorist will not only need the application, but will demand it.

But the developers, pitching at last weekend’s #Frideation forum, had the greatest burden to remove all reasonable doubt:  it was  above all as to how the TPS App would be the ideal solution to major parking woes.



Members listen attentively to one of Telvic Parking Solution’s founders.

The team, comprising Emanuel Telewa (Programmer) and Victor Wekesa (Engineer), set up Telvic Parking Solutions to address “parking challenges in the city of Nairobi and beyond- especially uncertainty on the part of the motorists on where to park.”


Hence their solution comes in two modes : a mobile application as well as a hardware device. For a motorist cruising, or intending to cruise into town and who needs to park their car,the open source Telvic parking app on their phone  delivers information on

  • the parking lots within a town
  • number of available spaces in each parking lot at that instance of time
  • location of the parking lot
  • map to get to the parking lot
  • opportunity to reserve a space for the parking lot of choice


Photo of the #GrillSpot,the session pitchers are interviewed about the ideas they have presented.


Then, as it gives the accurate, real-time information about availability of parking spaces, this “easy to use” mobile application is expected to benefit the motorist who will definitely save time, enjoy full-time accessibility of the device and will be certain about where to park- provided they book earlier than the rest.

Car-park owners are destined to benefit from reduced traffic jams,transparent collection of revenue, advertisement of the parking lots and locations, their rates vis-à-vis other unequipped parking lots. Even better utilization of the available parking slots is the expected positive outcome of the app’s use.

Challenges again

However, the #Frideation quorum cited some of the pertinent challenges the impressive innovation will occasion, the overriding observation being that it will  lead to the very problems the app intends to solve!

Nevertheless, with due diligence and responsibility on the part of  you the user, the TPS product may be “all you need” to be “badder than most” motorists in securing parking spaces, with a rather very low chance of missing the mark.


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