02 Jul

Edwin Mutuma of Ideal Animations pitching.

LAST WEEKEND’S #Frideation was another occasion in which the members discovered another ideal path to the much badly needed success in the world of business  and entrepreneurship.

While the group running  idealanimations was pitching,it became clear to many people in the forum that animated selling of ideas would be the other most reliable option they will have to take in order to bolster their businesses. This was after @ideanimations successfully poked holes into the alternative idea for conventional advertising methods.

Among other diverse issues, the pitching team pointed out the following as the faults in depending on the conventional methods for promoting a business: the said methods are inconvenient,overly expensive.


An attentive audience at both the pitch and #TheGrillSpot

Other Opportunities

Other issues the innovative team rode on to come up with the way to ideal animations were: lack of commercial identity and brand security in both the animation and advertising sectors; a dearth of engaging, interactive educational content; inconsistent character and concept design in foreign produced content as well as limited abstract idea explanations.


idealanimations at the #GrillSpot

Hence the geeks, first on the pitch and later on #TheGrillSpot, revealed that their solution to the nightmare is affordable and more convenient animated commercials,engaging animated explainer videos,quality animated product visualization,engaging and interactive animated educational content,motion graphics and finally,locally developed character/concept design for foreign studios.

Cutting-edge technology

As @idealanimations are utilizing “cutting edge” technology, subscribing to their services will be a special opportunity to enjoy convenience,brand image longevity,special special effects, among other preferred advantages.

To wrap up that moment of awakening,the soon-to-be-pitched ideas were @ProfNandaa‘s “Maswali” ,a special app that tests and grades learners as well as the @RockeSci‘s unique gas production project.


Anthony Nandaa ,one of the top think tanks at C4DLab,speaks about his upcoming application.


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