04 Jul

Dr.Tonny Omwansa,the C4DLab Coordintor, was among officials conducting the three-day seminar.

On Wednesday, C4DLab in partnership with ICT Authority Kenya (@ICTAuthorityKE) inaugurated a three-day cybersecurity training at the University of Nairobi‘s Chiromo Campus.

The function, which took several months of planning and preparation, kicked off at 8:30 a.m. at the SCI Post Graduate lab. It was attended by 14 out of the 20 invited company personnel from both the private and public sectors.

Under the theme ‘Feeling Safe Online’, the facilitators of the event took trainees through introduction to information security, hacking, national issues and the context of information security in Kenya, threats and many other sensitive topics.

On the first day, Dr. Tonny Omwansa(@tomwansa), the C4DLab Coordinator, handled introductory essentials, especially on the “National Cybersecurity Strategy”-a document provided by the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology.

Dr. Chris Chepken-UoN Chiromo ICT lecturer – deliberated on Hacking and allied topics. Mr. Evans Kahuthu, ICT Authority’s Project Manager, tackled the seminar’s advanced topics.



Dr. Chris Chepken training on hacking and associated topics.

On subsequent days, the training officials majored on threats detection and control as well as web application security, which was delivered together with public key infrastructure, computer forensics investigations/incident handling, business continuity planning.


C4DLab_CyberSecurity-14(2)Mr. Evans Kahuthu, Project Manager at ICT Authority Kenya training on other pertinent aspects of cybersecurity.

On July 4, ICT Authority’s acting CEO Eng. Victor Kyalo crowned the 3-day function by reiterating the Government’s commitment to counteracting cybersecurity challenges. He even committed to wholly sponsoring a one-day future such seminar.

His message resonated well with what the Principal Secretary from the ministry of Information, Communications and Technology Mr. Joseph Tiampati Ole Musuni had earlier on said about this currently touchy issue of cybersecurity.

In a message dated June 19 2014,Mr. Ole Musuni had asserted:  “In response to these threats,and in direct support of the national priorities and ICT goals defined in Vision 2030, Kenya’s ICT Ministry developed a National Cybersecurity Strategy.”

The strategy indeed “defines Kenya’s cybersecurity vision, key objectives, and ongoing [government] commitment to support national priorities by encouraging ICT growth and aggressively protecting critical information infrastructures”.

The National Cybersecurity Strategy’s main goals center on enhancing the nation’s cybersecurity posture, building national capability, fostering information sharing/collaboration, and providing national leadership.


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Moses Omusolo is the Social Media Manager, C4DLab