16 Jun

Gilbert Kiilu,one of the innovators at Techxus, speaks about their ideal App.

Last Friday, had it not been for another session of  the now popular#Frideation forum, majority of the C4DLab community would have rendered the day incomplete.

Not ready to miss

What reinforced this attitude the more was the fact that many people were then not ready to miss the occasion to know how they may never get lost again or rarely do so, especially if they got to know about the  availability and working of the yet-to-be-launched Techxus Sytems’ ‘Geoaddress’—which also offers unique and efficient ‘Geoservices’.

The meeting, which began as many other past sessions of #Frideation, was given a life of its own when Techxus took the stand to demonstrate how their recent innovation,”Geoaddress”, will function and its value to the users.

At a glance, a ‘Geoaddress’ is a GPS-enabled addressing system for both personal and enterprise users. It is structured  around a user’s ‘geo-location’ to create an accurate and flexible addressing scheme.C4DLab_Techxus-44

Members  watch and listen to Techxus demonstrate their yet-to-be-launched ‘Geoaddress’ App.

Besetting problems

The Android application  is  built from very  besetting problems: numbering as a means of  addressing as well as  locating people or places is rife with challenges. It is inefficient at best. Calling cannot do either because it is an inefficient as well as ‘impersonal’ way of locating people or places. And so on.

The same sentiments could be made about other means of locating, but rarely and possibly never with the currently tested ‘Geoaddress’ by Techxus Sytems. It is sufficiently accurate as it uses GPS technology. In addition, many users are bound to consider the App flexible,’ anonymous’ and ‘useful’.


The Geoaddress’ distinct but related services– dubbed ‘Geoservices”– include “Geocourier”, dealing with all deliveries; parcels or even letters not left out.”Geosave” offers reliable emergency services. The menu “Geosec” helps with information on security issues. The charges for accessing the services are comparatively affordable.

Users could embrace and stick to Geocourier service as they will find it a much more effective and reliable door-step parcel delivery system. This is based on the fact that the service highly  ‘optimizes’ delivery routes and the deliveries are effectively managed to radically reduce incidences of misplacement or loss.

The satisfaction to be derived from the App’s other services  is something to watch out for, once the same is launched in the not too distant future.


A member consults after the forum.

Meanwhile, members left the forum much convinced than ever before to use and be loyal to Techxus’  timely product. After all, it became quite obvious to the majority that the so-called Generation Y is “seriously lacking in sense of direction. Hence the need to come up with apps that eliminate it”!

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About the writer

Moses Omusolo is the Social Media Manager, C4DLab.