23 Jun

The group FarmDrive deliberates at the well-attended forum.

Last Friday’s #Frideation forum was a novel opportunity for many to learn, relearn or unlearn the  role  that can be played by technology in agribusiness as well as agriculture in general. Pitching at the session was our very own innovative group, FarmDrive.

Setting the stage for all that transpired, we do well to treat ourselves to this most fitting observation. Indeed, many sectors of our economy have so far been driven and driven well by technology and innovation, but not so with other sectors like farming and agriculture.

Of all the problems facing the agricultural and farming sectors, the one that stands out is funding. And it is because of poor funding that agriculture has been lagging behind in our  country since time immemorial, yet it is the supposed backbone of our economy.

This is where farmdrive  quickly intervened. For a start, this is an online platform that “seeks to transform the way small holder farmers get access to financial services”.

It came into existence after the realization that many small scale farmers are in  serious need of expansion but due to such problems as  improper record keeping, they are unable to access funding from many leading lending institutions.

Others cannot simply secure an investor. Also, the Farmdrive team accurately observed that many investors view farming as very profitable, but due to the labour-intensive  nature of agriculture or farming, they avoid it for other unprofitable ventures. So these  geeks came just in time to link the investor to the ideal farmer, or the ideal farmer to the investor.

Members listen to FarmDrive pitching.

In short, here is what FarmDrive has to offer to the two categories of people so far examined above.

Farmer Record Keeping

Via their  “simple-to-use” web based platform, farmers can register with and efficiently maintain their revenue and expense records.

Investor Connection

FarmDrive helps investors interested in agriculture to find and invest in worthy enterprises.

Investors are able to view different farmer profiles and identify which farmer they would like to work with. FarmDrive then takes up from there to Connect the two parties.

Data Analytics

Farm records are analysed to reveal useful information that farmers can use for decision making, for example  farm performance.

Farmer Financing

Through the same website, another one of their “services” ensures farmers wishing to expand their ventures are able to apply for funding, their records acting  as an “explicit credit score”.

How they maintain the necessary “connection” between them and farmer- investor, or investor-farmer, is majorly through mobile phone short messaging service (SMS) as well as direct calls.



The group photo crowned it all.




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