09 Jun

Naima Shariff,one of the brains behind FunkeScience,speaks at the forum.

The group FunkeScience during an interview .

#Frideation, always organized by C4DLab, is an ideation and initialization of noble ideas, start-ups or projects initiative on Fridays.

On the 6th of June our Frideation Forum, this time facilitated by FunkeScience, had an impressive attendance record. What set the ball rolling was the question-and-answer session hosted by one of the brains behind Frideation. The onus was then on FunkeScience to defend the novelty of their idea: it is to teach science unconventionally but productively.

The founders of FunkeScience then went ahead to disclose to the attentive audience that Science and experimentation had to be taught in some of the following out-of-the-ordinary ways: clear demonstration, proper experimentation, as well as independent learning.

When it emerged that the idea was noble but not as fool-proof, the participants gave a helping hand by suggesting ways and means of making FunkeScience a resounding success-this is expected after the website and the group reaches millions in the country and beyond. One can sum up all the foregoing activities in just one word: ideation.

Members directly engage the innovators

After all was said and done for FunkeScience, it was then the time for the much awaited session of the weelky idea or product launch. Another team, which aims to influence policy on waste dumping and management in the country and beyond, introduced to the participants their website, Sifa Safi.
In brief, Sifa Safi exists to help Kenyans and the world over to dump and manage waste and garbage effectively through policy and public education.

Here too, the curious participants did not hesitate to dig deep into how the start-up would occasion a revolutionary change in environmental management and conservation especially by way of waste/garbage management. Fortunately, Sifa Safi survived the furnace of rigorous cross examination and criticism before the eyes of all.
An attentive audience during the forum.

What followed were exhortations from the organizers plus even the members for everyone to embrace and own the activities of Computing for Development (C4D) lab for their own ultimate good.

It was then the time to win. If you were the most active on our Twitter page, you were to win a brand new T-shirt. And it so happened that our Twitterati of the day walked away with the prize at stake.
A member showcases a T-shirt she won for participating actively at Frideation.

If you are interested in being a facilitator or attending a session of the #Frideation,kindly write an email to hello@c4dlab.ac.ke.
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About the writer
Moses Omusolo is a Social Media Manager,C4DLab