19 Jun

Frank Zanu Adjisegbe, a successful Journalist and philanthropist, was speaking at the forum.

Yesterday’s Power Forum was graced by a remarkable personality. Frank Zanu Adjisegbe wears many hats of accomplishment.

The life coach, who took the audience through “Re-engineering-the way to progressive innovation and sustainable development”, is also an inspirational, image and human development consultant based at the US. Born and raised in Benin, the accomplished Photojournalist is sufficiently philanthropic.

On technological re-engineering, the “analytical” speaker delivered on the following gems:

Hallmark of development

That the hallmark of developed countries is found in the ability to re-engineer old systems. The bright future of the developing world too lies in there. And since it is easy to see that most technologies are a hybrid or a re-engineered system, the third world has no excuse for lagging behind in any aspect.

Indigenous technology

In the case of Kenya, its indigenous technology- home appliances, farm machines, and a slew of other systems designed long ago by locals need a makeover. The makeover can become a multi-million dollar industry. In other words, In every rural or suburbia home in Kenya, there is a system waiting to be “re-engineered” and millions of Kenyans will be thrilled to see how old ways and systems can be transformed into new methods.

Members listen in as  Frank  Zanu, a man of many hats, was speaking.

But even as Kenya is expected to consider embracing the way of re-engineering, the principles of success in that area have to remain intact.

The innovations have, among other things, to be original. Essentially, this means the inventions have to be from “the people for the people and by the people”.

Apart from being original, the improvement must be relevant to the environment and mimic, as well as, respond to immediate needs. In fact, Frank emphasized, “innovated technology must be the grandchild of indigenous technology”.

The renovation has to be affordable as its use will spread far and wide. Hence benefiting many.

Ease of use
It also has to make life easier.  Otherwise, the solution will not be accepted by many and it will not help or benefit many. This is a disservice.

On the whole, successful re-engineering and innovation have always been accomplished by people with the following qualities: acute observation, initiative, as well as simplicity.


The group photo marked the end of the forum.

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