28 May

CyberSecurity refers to preventive methods used to protect information from being stolen, compromised or attacked. Cyber Security requires knowledge of the potential information threats and the strategies to mitigate the threats. Cyber threats are becoming one of the many challenges facing organizations and governments, with many threats reported each day. In the US alone it’s estimated that there are 1.5 millions monitored  Cyber attacks.  Studies show that companies are attacked an average of 16,856 times a year.

As the usage of internet increases the cyber crimes increases. In Kenya its estimated that there are 17.38 million internet users this is almost half of all the Kenyan population. According to the cyber Security Report of 2012 the issues that many organizations face are  1) Poorly trained technical staff, 2) misconfigured systems  and lack of company security strategies. The report notes that many organizations are ill equipped and unprepared to respond the information security threats.

To bridge this gap and to help in the fight against cyber threats C4DLab, an innovation lab in the University of Nairobi, in Partnership with the ICT Authority have launched a CyberSecurity training scheduled to start in July . The training objective is to give the attendees a good knowledge and understanding of the wide range of subject areas that make up information security and its management .The topics to be covered include the fundamentals of information security, national agenda on the information security,internal best practice on information security, threats and attacks, preventing and detecting attacks, hackers techniques and controls, computer forensics and incident handling and mobile security just to mention a few.

The training will be offered in three modes, full time for three consecutive days, part time two and half hours in the evening and custom which will be offered at the clients site. The trainers are among the most qualified you can find in Kenya having conducted several research around information security. Among the trainers we have Dr. Omwansa who holds a PhD in Information Systems, Dr. Chepken with a PhD in Computer science , Dr. Abade has a PhD in Computational Science and Engineering and Mr. Evans Kinuthia who is an  information security specialist. The training cost is Kshs. 50000 for the full time option and 45000 for the part time option.

This training is for those with interest in Information security and those who are already facing the challenges of information security. To register for the training click here