10 Apr

C4DLab this Friday the 11th April 2014 will be hosting the Digital Matatu Discussion during the Fridiation session. The project which was done by the University of Nairobi School of Computing & Informatics C4DLab in collabarition with  Columbia University CSUD, MIT Civic Data Design Lab and Groupshot has developed Nairobi’s first comprehensive Matatu route map.

Transportation in Nairobi has proved to be a big menace with the recent matatu strike causing passengers to walk to work or miss work all together. The poor management of matatus in the city has resulted to loss of time and money and this has resulted to low economic growth.

Though the government is trying to manage the public transport sector by introducing changes to it, this changes need to be informed by systems that manage transit. The Digital Matatu project is about improving the legibility of the public commuter service through the collection, preparation of data and making it open. Data was collected on matatu and buses, and the Nairobi commuter railway.

This Friday will give insights to the first comprehensive matatu route map. The discussion which will start from 5pm-to 7pm will be at the C4DLab. The project leads Prof.Wagacha and Dr. Orwa will be there to expound more on the digital matatu map.