06 Mar

Out of 24 great applications received, C4DLab has managed to admin 10 start-ups for physical incubation. Today (6th March 2014), was the admission day.


Here are the 10 start-ups.

1. Throughpass Africa: Throughpass Africa is a soccer recruiting and betting platform. It is an integrated system in which coaches and agents can easily track the best of promising players even at an early age
2. Techxus Systems: Techxus Systems have developed geoaddress; an alternative addressing system for both personal and enterprise users who are tired of the ineffective existing mechanisms.
3. CHURA LTD: Chura aims to ease the difficulties users experience in accessing services across different mobile service providers. It provides an integrated, user friendly, easy to use package for mobile subscribers to enjoy and share with loved ones.
4. RocKeSci: Science platform that gets kids interested in science at a very young age and helps them understand key science concepts that are in their syllabus via funky experiments and tutorials that are more suited to the east African market.
5. Creatix Systems: Creatix Systems offers enterprise solutions on the cloud. Main products are Integrated Human Resource Management and Customer Relationship Management Systems delivered through SaaS.
6. FarmDrive: FarmDrive seeks to connect smallholder farmers to investors who want to engage in farming but don’t just have the time or the land to do so.
7. Ideal Animations: Ideal Animations is a 3D animation studio that brings a fresh and innovative approach to the budding Kenyan film and advertising industry. The goal is to exceed the expectations of the clients, by offering outstanding international quality animation, whilst increasing confidence in local production houses
8. NESBIT-COMP: create equipment for all the facilities where students use computers such as the libraries and classes. This equipment is to be placed at the entrance of these facilities. All computers serial numbers belonging to students and stuff are to be registered with their names.
9. Telvic Parking Solutions: Provides a system that gives motorists a chance to query it in order to be answered on the location of the parking lots, the availability of the spaces and the guarantee that there are actually spaces in real time, through various avenues, such as mobile applications and SMS service
10. Mobiworld ICT Solutions – RaveApp: RaveApp applies the concept of matatu pooling to help those who go out to rave to conveniently get a matatu to their various homes without having to wait for long hours for a matatu or even worse missing one. The app targets those who prefer their usual cheap means of transport to the rather expensive taxis.

Welcome to C4DLab, where we build great things!

Photography courtesy of Karubiu Photography