06 Feb

On Tuesday evening, it was all flare and glare at Michael Joseph Center, Safaricom. The only book on MPesa in the world, so far, was being launched. And guess who the authors are, one Dr. Tonny Omwansa (who is the coordinator of C4DLab) and Nicholas Sullivan. The book titled, “Money, Real Quick”, tells the whole story of MPesa as seen by the consumer”.

The book traces M-Pesa roots since its inception in 2003, and clearly paints a picture of the magnitude of the impact of mobile money transfer service to its customers. It features use of M-PESA in ways that had not been part of the original business model including its use in the national airline, the power utility and insurance companies. The book also brings to light challenges experienced in selling the product. Banks’ initially had reservations about the scheme but once it was successful, they have widely used it to offer financial services to a new customer base.

In his speech, Dr. Omwansa pointed out how the writing of this book has made him to venture more into seriously thinking about Innovations, questions like where do innovations come from, etc. At C4DLab, we are very proud to associate with him, as our boss.

One of his old time friend, and classmate at SCI, John Kieti, who runs mLab (another innovation space), had this to say –

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