25 Jun

The Tech4Africa schedule has been updated, over at:http://tech4africa.com/event/tech4africa-nairobi/To recap, it’s a FREE 1-day event, with morning and afternoon sessions, and FREE networking drinks & afterparty afterwards.Africa is a mobile first and only continent, so we’re starting our work in Kenya with a focus on product development, specifically with a mobile context, and is aimed at anyone planning, building, deploying, managing, and growing a product in Africa, where the primary user experience is on a mobile.We hope you’ll join us, and enjoy what we’ve put together! - Best,GarethFounder, Tech4Africa

Tech4Africa / 03 July 2013 / FREE ENTRY
08:00  Registration with Tea & Coffee

09:30  Welcome introduction: Tech4Africa & IBM IDR/GEP

10:00  Keynote:
Lisa Philips (Head of DFID Kenya)
David Taverner, Head of Strategy, GSMA M4D
Martin Harris (Head of Technology, GSMA M4D).
This session will cover:
1. Overview of DFID and their involvement in supporting the Tech eco-system.
2. Overview of GSMA and M4D and outline of a current joint project with DFID in Kenya.
3. Outline of some recent mobile tech implementation learnings.

10:30  Startup Presentations commence

12:00  Keynote: Tales from the Trenches: Taking Everlytic to market

12:30  Keynote: Lessons learned from implementing mobile products across Africa (Kashfi Mahmud, Praekelt Foundation)

13:00  Lunch

14:00  IBM GEP Success Stories

14:30  Sessions:

How to Contribute to Mozilla Localization (Arky, Mozilla)
Talk is cheap. Execution is everything. Product management in the ADD world of today. (Gareth Knight, Tech4Africa, Wedo)
Growth Hacking on App Stores (Trevor Kimenye, Sprout)

16:30  Announcement of the IBM Smart Camp winner
Winner will go to the interview stage of the Johannesburg IBM Smart Camp in October

17:00  Closing remarks

FREE networking drinks & after party afterwards.

Workshop Sessions
10:30  Why you should deliver your code continuously, and why you’ll become rockstars because of it! (Vinícius Andrade, Thoughtworks)
11:15  Mapping Africa with location services – maps, routes, traffic, search (MapIT / TomTom Africa)
14:00  Building & Deploying apps on different mobile platforms (IBM)