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Date: 10th-14th December, 2012
Venue: Kenya School of Monetary Studies (KSMS), see map
By: Guy Stuart, PhD.


Researchers $ 250 Attending First 3 days of workshop
practitioners $ 450 Attending Last 2 days of workshop
Any $ 500 Attending all the 5 days

Registration fee to be paid to the following account:

Account Name: University of Nairobi
Account  : 1104828960
Bank: Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd, University way branch
Accounts receivable contact information:
Mr. Michael Karue, +254-20- 4447870, fo@uonbi.ac.ke)

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Day 1 – Introduction to Financial Diaries

  1. An Introduction to Financial Diaries
    • Review of existing Diaries studies.
    • Are Diaries a qualitative or quantitative research tool?
    • Putting Diaries in the context of data-mining, economic sociology, and behavioral economics
  2. Review of the Microfinance Opportunities survey instrument
  3. Role-playing the Diaries interview
  4. Logistics of implementing Diaries studies

Day 2 – Field Work

  1. Students interested in experiencing Financial Diaries interviews firsthand will conduct interviews in the field in and around Nairobi

Day 3 – Analyzing Transactions Data from Financial Diaries

  1. Debrief from field interviews – lessons learned
  2. Cleaning Diaries data
    • Setting up a good cleaning system
    • Understanding and responding to the emergent logic of the data
  3. Analysis of Diaries data with a focus on quantitative techniques
    • Calculating income and expenses
    • Identifying lump sum expenditures
    • Identifying the coincidence of transactions in time and interpreting findings
  4. Closing remarks on Diaries as Transactions Data

Day 4 – Management Information Systems Data and Transactions Analysis in Financial Institutions and Mobile Money Providers

  1. Transactions analysis and client-focused research
  2. Transactions analysis and its connection to:
    • Data-mining
    • Economic sociology
    • Behavioral economics
    • Financial Diaries
  3. Overview of transactions analysis in practice: using data from Management Information Systems (MIS) to conduct transactions analysis
    • Examples from financial institutions and mobile money platforms in East Africa, South Asia, and South-East Asia
  4. Use of transactions analysis in:
    • Performance management
    • Product improvement and development

Day 5 – Technical Topics in MIS Transactions Analysis

  1. Extracting, preparing and cleaning MIS data
  2. Combining transactions and customer profile data
  3. Identifying and analyzing patterns of behavior
  4. Spatial analysis of MIS data

Guy Stuart, Ph.D.

Guy is an Independent Consultant who uses “bottom up” research methods such as Financial Diaries and participatory processes to identify ways for financial service providers to meet the needs of low-income individuals and households more effectively. He is a Senior Advisor to Microfinance Opportunities on their client-focused research projects. He is also a Fellow at the Ash Center, Harvard University, where he conducts research on distributed service delivery systems. He received his PhD from the University of Chicago in 1994, and subsequently worked for four years in Chicago in the field of community economic development. He then served 13 years as a Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School where he taught courses in management and microfinance. He still teaches in Executive Education programs at the school.

Event Organizer

This is event is officially organized by AMMREC, an associate of C4DLab.